Alt Academy


Alt Academy is an initiative towards democratising education. The result of endless debates and discussions, it is a product of innovation and student centric design aimed at providing top quality full service O & A level education anytime, anywhere.

We believe education needs to be reimagined for the future. A future that leverages technology and connectivity to reduce high tuition costs and stressful daily routines of students.

With features such as online lectures and student support community available on your phones, ipads, and laptops, Alt Academy strives to initiate that reimagining process and become a champion of democratizing education.

At the heart of Alt Academy is a mission to find innovative ways of making knowledge more accessible by breaking down financial, social and geographical barriers.

Through our online lectures and community, we are providing quality O & A Level education content while facilitating an ecosystem of students and teachers anywhere, anytime.

Alt Academy represents a movement; a movement towards you being at the center of your learning, not a teacher or a school. Therefore we believe that everyone, not just our employees, but everyone in our community is Alt Academy.

Welcome to the education revolution. Welcome to Alt Academy.

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Creative Team

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Abul Fazal

The Sensei

Bilal Hameed

Chief Distruption Officer

Najya Hasan

The Fixer


Humayun Arain

The Technoid


Meet our Teachers

Our teachers take pride in preparing the future citizens of Pakistan and beyond. This is why teachers in the Alt Academy are more than just teachers, they are mentors and guides that will be there for you on your journey to academic success.

Bilal Hameed


Ali Anwerzada


Badi Khan


Nausher Alam


Zain Merchant

Computer Science

Abul Fazal


Abdullah Ghelli


Ayesha Haroon