Most frequent questions and answers

No. Say goodbye to the days when you end up missing class, rushing to class, late to class! At Alt Academy you can study on your OWN TIME instead of in real-time. Your teacher will have already uploaded videos and worksheets.

You can always get in touch via DM and through the comments which the teachers and platform managers will monitor regularly. You may also comment on videos and worksheets about specific queries and you will get your desired response.

You can always ask questions and join discussions by:

  • Commenting on the videos and posts
  • Contacting the teacher directly via DM
  • Replying on posts made by the community.

YES! We know it’s hard to believe but there are no hidden charges. Alt Academy believes that basic access to education has to be inclusive and accessible as we move towards the future.

You may sign up by going to the home page and clicking on the “Sign-up” Button. You will need your email address, phone number and address handy.

Alt Academy is FOR YOU FOR FREE and we believe certificates don’t go far in representing a student’s actual capability. Alt Academy is for smart learners to enable them to ace the subjects of their choice. If however, you specifically require a letter of accreditation, please get in touch with us directly.

Alt Academy is a revolution in learning. When you join Alt as a student, you are part of a community of students who dare to explore learning beyond the confines of a school boundary. We offer the learning experience your school does, just at your own convenience and with access to a global community of learners online. And did we mention that we do it free?

Alt Academy does not charge any admission fee.

Alt Teachers are a mix of those who have been teaching for years and those who have been trained purposefully to teach online.  

All content on Alt Academy has been designed for the Cambridge Assessment and International Examination (CAIE) and IGCSE. But don’t let that stop you! Are you a student sitting for an exam on another board? Go through the content to see what works for you!

Our instructors release content for you on a rolling basis. Need help on a particular chapter? Have a look through the subject outlines for when to expect a piece of content on the area you need help with!